I Am Beautiful, I Am Whole

Definition: A thing that is complete in itself: ìa coherent whole


According to Hebrew Tradition

Wholeness is directly related to the word ìShalomî which comes from the root verb meaning to be complete, perfect and full. In modern Hebrew the obviously related word Shelem means to pay for, and Shulam means to be fully paid.

Not only was the price for you to be ìwholeî paid for by our Redeemer, it was paid in full. In Hebrew, the root of the word has several meanings. One meaning is "Whole", another could be the actual verb "Pay" usually in command form. The conjugated verb has other spins that are worth noting, such as: "Hishtalem" meaning "it was worth it" or "Shulam" as "it was paid for" or "Meshulam" as in "paid in advance." Hence one can say that, "when it's paid-for then there is peace," as in PEACE HAS A PRICE. Jesus paid the price for us to be complete and whole at the cross. The divine counsel you need to know what to do and the might to perform those things revealed, are available through living in union with Christ. He said he didn’t do anything without the Father, and we are unable to do anything without Him. You will rule and reign in this life through One, Who is Christ Jesus.

When you understand that you are whole and you decide to live out of that revelation, it will be impossible for circumstances or people’s opinion of you to diminish you in any way. Your inner conversation will change and you speak and behave from a place of completeness.

I am complete in Him who is the head of all principalities and powers.

Activation Affirmation:

I am Beautiful, I am Whole! The price which was paid in order for me to be complete was the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. This Blood is speaking better things on my behalf than the blood of Abel. Because of the Blood of Jesus, I am entire, lacking nothing. I don’t have to look outside of myself for anything. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Today, I activate the awareness of wholeness within me and in every area of my life. I have the advantage in every area of my life. It is impossible for me to lose.

I break all agreements with wrong perceptions of myself, self-loathing, self-rejection and deception.

Because I am whole, I am walking in uncommon favor today. Everything is working for my good and I am attracting into my life all things that are in harmony with the righteousness of God and His kingdom.

I am a possessor of the peace that passes all understanding. The manifestation of wholeness is causing me to walk in the authority and dominion afforded me by the Holy Spirit.

The God of peace is crushing Satan underneath my feet. The tangibility of this peace repels fear, agitation, frustration and worry.

I am wholly sanctified, spirit, soul and body and my spirit man is growing, increasing and enlarging, with enough capacity to accommodate all of my blessings with a growth that comes from God.

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