I Am Beautiful, I Am Masterful

“Fond of being a master” evolved through having capabilities to command, characterized by a master’s skill.

Collins Dictionary: www.collinsdictionary.com


If you describe a man as masterful, you approve of him because he behaves in a way which shows that he is in control of a situation and can tell other people what to do.

If you describe someone’s behavior or actions as masterful, you mean they show great skill.


Masterful meaning, able to control people and situations in a confident way. If an action is masterful, it is also every skillful.

To be masterful is to be skillful. What a blessing. Renewing your mind to having mastery and skill means that God has equipped us not only to take action but to be effective. It also implies intense knowledge, understanding an insight. Whatever God has called you to do, there is potential to rise to the level of mastery because of the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows everything. He provides us with whatever intelligence, ability or gifting we need to get the job done. You can embark on anything that God has given you to do knowing He will send you a download from heaven whenever the need arises. I am reminded of a young man of God. Jason? I had his cds. He said most of the things that he excels in He never studied. He says he makes money in business because God tells him what to invest in. He understands scientific theories that he never understood before because the Lord just downloaded the information to his mind and gave him understanding. It’s like Carver, who found 300 hundreds uses for a peanut because he asked God. His question to God was, “show me everything about the universe”. God told him, you are too small to understand everything about my universe, but I’ll tell you about the peanut. God can make you masterful, he can give you the mastery and He can cause you to excel in ways that you never imagined. It’s about faith.

Father, I release my faith in your ability to cause me to exercise the mastery and to be masterful in ways that will not only be a blessing to myself and my family, but that will bless the world. Lord, I am open. I give you permission to be and do extraordinary things in my life. Even now I am directing my mind to receive a download from you that is innovative, creative and prosperous. Father thank you for the new people that I will meet as I step out into new kingdom ventures. I decree that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of my God and His Christ. Father, I thank you and decree that like Jabez I am asking you to expand my coast, make me successful in every area of my life. I am in awe of you oh God.

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