I Am Beautiful, I Am Righteous

Meaning of Righteous:

Alteration of “wiseright ” “wise way manner”. “Genuine, Excellent. ”

Righteous in the Eyes of God:

Upright, equitable, impartial; justifiable, reasonable, legal right. From old Latin “sacred formula” To make ritually pure.

Melchizedek. Name of a priest-king in the Old Testament, from Hebrew Malki-tzedeq, literally, “King of righteousness,”

To be righteous in the Eyes of God is no small thing. It took the intervention of God’s son to achieve for us what we would never have been able to do on our own. Our righteousness is a defense against all of the devil’s accusations. If you find yourself dealing with thoughts of guilt, condemnation and accusation, make a decision to engage your mind to apprehend thoughts of your righteousness before the Father. Very often the enemy projects these thoughts on our mind because he knows that guilt, condemnation and shame paralyze us. They freeze us in place so that we don’t move forward. You can be on the right path, but if you are frozen on that path it’s has the same effect of going in the wrong direction. You are not moving. It is very important to our heavenly Father that you not only find the discover the right path and purpose for your life, but that you make progress, that you move continually and refuse to become stagnant. This is the power of having the revelation of your righteous stand before God. There is nothing in your way. If you have committed a sin, keep short accounts with God. Repent of that sin, let him cleanse you with his blood and begin to move forward powerfully in your life. Refuse to be refused, deny every denial and lay hold of all that God has designed for your life.


Father I thank you that you have made provision for me to be and live righteously from the inside out. I thank you for transforming my life to live in harmony with your holiness and your holy ways. Thank you Lord for equipping and empowering me to do what is right and more importantly to know what is right by and through your precious Holy Spirit. I thank you for the anointing to seek your face that I might know you more perfectly so that I might glorify you with all I do and say. I thank you that your word says all of my own righteousness is as filthy rags so that is why I thank you for the precious blood of Jesus that cleanses me from all unrighteousness. I’m living my life every day with the knowledge that I don’t have to perform and works, but I receive my righteous standing by faith. I glorify you for bringing me to this exalted position of being in right standing with you just as if I had never sinned. Now Lord I praise you for separating me from my sins as far as the east is from the west. I think you that as a result of my righteousness there is therefore no condemnation. I am the elect of God and who shall lay anything to my charge. You are for me and therefore there is no power or person that can successfully stand against me. I thank you Lord for this position which has been secured by your divine love.

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