I Am Beautiful, I Am Refined

Meaning of Refined:

With impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing.

Elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.

Developed or improved as as to be precise or subtle.


Having or showing well-bred feeling, taste, etc.

Freed or free from coarseness, vulgarity, etc.

Freed from impurities:

Very subtle, precise, or exact.

When I hear the word refined, it makes me think of the scripture found in 1 Peter 3:4. Which talks about how women should beautify themselves. Aramaic Bible in Plain English states it this way,

But be adorned in the secret person of the heart and in a humble spirit which is uncorrupted, an excellent ornament before God.

The Passion Translation says verses 3-4 this way,

Let your true beauty come from your inner personality, not a focus on the external. For lasting beauty comes from a gentle and peaceful spirit, which is previous in God’s sight and is much more important than the outward adornment of elaborate hair, jewelry, and fine clothes.

Holy women of long ago who had set their hopes in God beautified themselves with lives lived in deference to their own husbands’ authority. For example, our “mother,” Sarah, devoted herself to her husband, Abraham, and even called him “master.” And you have become her daughters when you do what is right without fear and intimidation.

Many women could get caught up in the idea of Sarah calling her husband, “master”. But I don’t want to get stuck there. However, I believe the implication is the power that she received based on her ability to humble herself before her husband. In humbling herself before her husband she was really walking in humility with God because God is over her husband. This is a key to seeing things work out. When there is disagreement, walk humbly before the Lord and let him straighten out the situation. But the place I really want to focus us where it says, to “do what is right without fear and intimidation. These are qualities of a refined woman. She cannot be moved by outward circumstances. Nothing triggers her and nothing and nobody will cause her to come as they say, “our of her name”. She is powerful because she is secure, knows who she is and understand fully that God is in control of everything and everybody when we relinquish situations and people to Him. How did she get there. She has been refined by her process. We all go through a process the purpose of which is to remove the dross from our character and personalities. Regardless of what you are facing today, walk through it from a refined place within where there is peace, tranquility and confidence.

Father, I thank you that you have and your are continuing to bring me to a place of refinement in you. Lord I thank you that you have given me the power to walk in extreme confidence in you know that I am not affected by external circumstances but the power to affect outward circumstances lies within me. I thank you that I possess a gentle and peaceful spirit which is pleasing and valuable in your sight.

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