I Am Beautiful, I Am Radiant

When I see you in your beauty I see a radiant city

Song of Solomon 6:4b (The Passion Translation)

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

A line of light that shines from a bright object

According to Merriam Webster:

Radiating rays or reflecting beams of light. Vividly bright and shining. Glowing. Marked by or expressive of love, confidence or happiness.

When you are radiant, you are the person who can walk in and light up the entire room up. You are an "atmosphere changer". What that means to me is that you have so much light within, coming from your source who is God that everything contrary to light has to be consumed. Just like the Bible says, the light shines through the darkness and the darkness cannot overpower it. Radiance is walking in the assurance of who you are. To be radiant is to be full of light, love and confidence.

I especially love the definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary, that radiance is a line of light that shines from a bright object. When we are connected to God continually that light shines through. I like to think of radiance as coming from a place of internal and "eternal" bliss. What greater knowledge is there than to know that your present and future are secure in the hands of the God you serve. What can conjure up greater feelings of security than to know that the God you serve has your back at all times. It's like that expression that says, you can't lose with the stuff you use. It's the understanding that, I don't know everything about everything, but I do know that all things work together for good to those that love the Lord and are called according to his purposes.

I read an article on line recently where the author spoke of what is required to have a radiant mind. I didn't agree with her premise on how to achieve a radiant mind fully, but I do like the expression she used, a "radiant mind". It made me think of "Let this mind be in you, that is also in Christ Jesus". Who had a more radiant mind that our Lord, Jesus?

However, I did agree with the fact that your thoughts control your emotions, and to the extent that you are thinking light producing thoughts will determine what, or who, you are "radiating" and exactly how radiant you will be. Where I disagreed with her was who she determined was the source. There has to be a source. The Cambridge dictionary says radiance is a line of light shining from an object, it is not the object itself. She was thinking that the source is the thoughts, and yes, thoughts are powerful, but the more powerful the thought the more light and radiance you can release. My thoughts are powerful as an individual, but God's thoughts are infinitely more powerful. When I think His thoughts, I can release more power from my being and effect more people, places and situations. Yes, I am radiant because I align my thoughts, feelings and emotions to agree with what God says about me, my destiny, my family, my nation, etc. You get the idea.

Here is another thought I found interesting. Have you ever noticed that when a woman is pregnant, they say she looks radiant? This is another reason we are radiant. We are pregnant with the promises of God. We are pregnant with expectation. We are pregnant with prayer. We are pregnant with ministries, businesses and world changing exploits. Of course we are radiant. We have every reason to be just as happy when we are pregnant with spiritual promises as we are when we are pregnant with our natural children. Consider what the Lord said in Isaiah,

Sing, O barren one, you who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who did not travail with child! For the [spiritual] children of the desolate one will be more than the children of the married wife, says the Lord. Isaiah 54:1 (AMPC)

It's like Mary and Elizabeth when they were pregnant. Even though the circumstances surrounding Mary's pregnancy were not ideal, it didn't seem to matter to her one bit. She was pregnant with the greatest promise of all. God has a unique calling for you to birth out in your life. When you think about it, it will cause you to radiate with joy and prompt you to see others who are as pregnant with a promise as you are.

When someone is radiant it is an expression of their connection to the Lord. The greater the connection, the more radiant you will be. When the Lord tells the Shulamite women that when he sees her beauty, He sees a radiant city, it is not because she has it all together. It is because she has opened herself up to him. The more open her heart, the more radiant she is.

When you can walk in the revelation that you are radiant, you will expect things to go right for you. You will be confident and walk in favor with God and having the favor of God.

We have to stay connected to the source

Father, I thank you that you are the source of the light. All that I am or ever hope to be are wrapped up in who you are. Lord I thank you for your sustaining power, your keeping power. I thank you for the light that causes me to be radiant with your glory, your light and your love. Father forgive me for every time I allowed situations and circumstances in my life to have more impact on me than I had on them. You have given me a light, the light of your son that is capable of being released to change hearts, minds situations and all circumstances. Forgive me for passively accepting what the enemy has sent to aggressively dim the light that you have given me to walk in.


I decree that no weapon formed against the light in me shall prosper. The light in me shines through all darkness regardless of how it presents itself. I refuse to be overpowered by the darkness of the enemy instead of powerfully releasing the light that is at work in me superabundantly. I decree I have absolutely no fellowship with unrighteousness or the darkness that accompanies it. I am empowered to live and attain to the highest life you prepared for me before I entered into earth realm. I call forth all of my progress that I might move forth speedily and grasp all that you have for me spiritually, physically, and financially. I walk in the revelation of all that it means to be radiant. I am beautiful, I am radiant and I am yours, eternally.

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