I Am Beautiful, I Am Perfect

Research: [what you need is a story, or statistics--do some research on why people sometimes have a feeling of being "imperfect"-- or not good enough]

(n) Middle English from Old French "parfit" "finished, completed, ready" Latin "perfectus "completed, excellent, accomplished, exquisite".

From per "completely" plus "facere" "to perform"

(v) "to bring to full development"

I used to be a perfectionist. I thought that was what I needed to be in order to get anything done. I put so much pressure on myself and others that it made every project almost unbearable. All of the joy was gone because of the pressure to get everything right. I didn't understand that the desire to do everything perfectly was because inwardly, I felt so imperfect. It was just another form of self-hatred and self-rejection. The flip side of that, was that if I didn't feel I could do something "perfectly", I wouldn't do it at all. How about that as a strategy for failure at everything in life? The enemy had the perfect strategy for me, "You are not perfect, so you might as well sit down until you can be "perfect enough" to do what needs to be done, to please God, please people, or whatever the situation was for the day that I wasn't "perfect" enough to do or finish. How could I accomplish anything if I would not allow myself to fail? We are not perfect because we don't have any flaws, we are perfect because of the perfect one lives inside of us.

Moreover, all of that "wanting to be perfect" because of my inward feelings of inadequacy made me very critical of others. They weren't perfect either. Believe me, this is not a formula for winning friends and influencing people. Even if I didn't say it out loud, inwardly, I would judge others condemning them as "not good enough" too. It wasn't at a conscious level. It was in my sub-conscious. It took the Holy Spirit to reveal my heart to me and how I saw others and myself. My low self-esteem in that area was causing me to bring curses upon myself because when you judge others, you will be judged. Even judging yourself harshly sets you up for your own self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. You are saying that God isn't good enough either. So, if God isn't condemning you, why are you condemning yourself?

All of those feelings of imperfection going on in my soul caused me to make bad decisions, form bad relationships and take on fruitless endeavors because they were based on trying to cover my feelings of inadequacy with endeavors that would prove otherwise, even if it was only to myself.

One of the reasons we feel imperfect is that we compare ourselves to others all of the time. We don't need to compare ourselves to others because since you are the only one who can actually be you. There is no need to compare because we are unique. It would be like a skyscraper comparing itself to a mansion. It's ridiculous. I am perfect because I am.

Now I get it, perfect is not what I do, it's who I am and whose I am. I choose to align myself with God and agree with Him. It would be totally impossible for God to send me to earth without being and having everything I need. It is life that gets in the way and pressure from the enemy that says, you are not perfect enough. You don't measure up.

Once you release "feelings of imperfection" out of your soul, you are free to be perfect in Christ. This is the true litmus test. Can we just flow with the Holy Spirit, follow His lead and align ourselves with God's thoughts about us. God will always call those things that be not as though they were. Because he is calling them out of the spirit. Our spirit is perfect. It is as perfect as it is ever going to be. It is our soul's that need to get in order and alignment with the perfection that abides within. When we identify with Him and do what He is leading us to do, we are perfect.

If you are failing to step out in some areas in your life because you believe you need to be a little more perfect to do it well enough, let me invite you to say this confess this along with me.

First repent,

Father, forgive me for …

I remove all judgmentalism, criticism and rejection of myself and others in order to embrace a higher and more accurate way of thinking in line with the Mind of Christ and His love for me and others.


Father, God, I rejoice in you today and forever more. What shall we say to these things, If God be for us who can be against. I am looking forward to every day of my life as you continue to show me in so many ways what I am capable of doing through you and for you. In Jesus name, Amen.


I am beautiful, I am perfect. I see myself as God sees me.

What God has accomplished in me cannot be overturned, it cannot be short circuited, it will not be aborted. I am perfect and I am being perfected daily by God. Situations and circumstances will not make me feel less than what God has already made me. With this understanding I face every challenge that would try to convince me that I need to be more, or have more of something in order to move forward and accomplish what God has ordered for my life. According to the Word of God, the Lord is perfecting all things concerning me. I am perfect for this season, I am a perfect for the blessings. I am perfect for the favor that God is sending my way. I am perfect in my heart toward God and desire to please Him in all ways and in everything. Through Jesus Christ, I am perfect enough to leap over walls and run through the troops. I am perfect to cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead. The word of God says, "there shall be a performance. I decree and declare that by the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in me mightily, I shall perform and exceed every limitation I put on myself, was put on by others, or the enemy put on me. I cannot fail.

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