I Am Beautiful, I Am Incomparable

Meaning of Incomparable: [https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/graceful]

So good or great that nothing else could achieve the same standard

Song of Solomon 6:9 says,

But you, my beloved dove, are unrivaled in your beauty, without equal, beyond compare,

The perfect one, the only one for Me.

Others se your beauty and exclaim, “How blessed is she!”

Here in the Song of Solomon, the Bridegroom is talking to His Bride. He says she is “beyond compare”, incomparable. He says in the verse before that He could have chosen others, but He chose her. He proclaims his love for her and says she is the perfect partner for Him.

That’s ike each one of us, the love that we give to the Lord is unique. No one else in the world can love Him like we can.

Luke 7: 36- reads as follows,

Afterward, a Jewish religious leader named Simon asked Jesus to his home for dinner. Jesus accepted the invitation. When he went to Simon’s home, he took his place at the table.

In the neighborhood there was an immoral woman of the streets, known to all to be a prostitute. When she heard about Jesus being in Simon’s house, she took an exquisite flask made from alabaster, filled it with the most expensive perfume, went right into theme of the Jewish religious leader, and knelt at the feet of Jesus in front of all the guests. Broken and weeping, she covered his feet with tears that fell from her face. She kept crying and drying his feet with her long hair. Over and over she kissed Jesus’ feet. Then she opened her flask and anointed his feet with her costly perfume as an act of worship.

When Simon saw what was happening, he thought, “This man can’t be a true prophet. If he were really a prophet, he would know what kind of sinful woman is touching him.”

Jesus said, “Simon, I have a word for you.”

“Go ahead, Teacher. I want to hear it,” he answered.

“It’s a story about two men who were deeply in debt. One owed the bank one hundred thousand dollars, and the other only owed ten thousand dollars. When it was obvious that neither of them would be able to repay their debts, the kind banker graciously wrote off the debts and forgave them all that they owed. Tell me, Simon, which of the two debtors would be most thankful? Simon answered, “I suppose it would be the one with the greatest debt to be forgiven.: “You’re right,” Jesus agreed. Then he spoke to Simon about the woman still weeping at his feet. “All your sins are forgiven.”

All the dinner guests said among themselves, “Who is the one who can even forgive sins?” Then Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith in me has given you life. Now you may leave and walk in the ways of peace.

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