I Am Beautiful, I Am Flawless

Meaning of Flawless: Without any blemishes or imperfections. Perfect. Supremely Excellent in Quality or Nature.

Open to me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my flawless one. Song of Solomon 5:2 (TPT)

Nothing does more for ones sense of well-being, security and safety than to be in relationship with someone who does not point out your imperfections. The depth of meaning in this word is astounding, “Supremely Excellent in Quality or Nature.” The love the Father has for you as one of His daughters causes Him to only focus on what is right about you. When we feel ugly or inadequate, we hide ourselves because we don’t want to experience rejection. If you need to be healed of inner wounds ask God to give you a revelation of your beauty in His eyes. Stop accusing yourself and don’t judge or criticize others. When you are very critical of others you will believe that God is also very critical of you and measuring you and you will always have a sense that you are are falling short.

In the Song of Solomon, the Bridegroom compares her to a dove. Why a Dove? The dove's eyes see only one thing at a time. They focus on one thing. This Bridegroom knows His bride has eyes only for Him. Will thou be made whole? Your faith in how God sees you will make you whole. Nothing missing and nothing broken.

Confession: Father, I thank you for your goodness. I thank you that when I look into your divine mirror of mercy, I thank you that old mindsets drown in the reality that there is no imperfection that is greater than your love. I can move forward in the assurance and knowledge that I am free from flaws and imperfections that can change my outcome. I can go forth empowered by your image of who I am in you. Father I thank you that I don’t have to receive any of the thoughts the enemy tries to project on my mind of imperfections and lack that will cause me to fail. Father, I receive the way you see me and I accept that I can do everything that you said I can do. I will take advantage of every opportunity made available to me. I don’t have to live in my old perceptions or the filters and framework that other people use when they judge my capabilities and outcome. Father, I thank you for setting a table of success before me. Thank you for disappointing my enemies as you move me forward, promoting me, advancing me, causing me to run through the troops and leap over every wall. I decree and declare I shall overcome and conquer every giant that has presented itself to stand in the way of my blessings, purpose and destiny, that you formed for me in your eternal mind. Thank you Lord for you everlasting love that can see beyond and take me beyond allowing me to lengthen my cord and strengthen my stakes.

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