I Am Beautiful, I Am Captivating

I am Beautiful, I am Captivating in the Eyes of My Father

Meaning [dictionary.com] to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence.

Captivating, I my mind to be captivating is the ability to attract attention because of a quality you have, things you say or the things you do. To hold someone’s attention to the extent that they are enjoying giving you their attention. That brings me to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit embodies the word captivating and if you have received Him, He lives inside of you. The Holy Spirit shines through us like a bright light in a very dark world where people are looking for answers. You are captivating and inside of you dwells someone’s solution. You are the solution to someone, or even a group of people that are waiting to be captivated by the qualities that God has hidden within you. Release the power of the Holy Spirit within to attract the attention of those whose solution God has uniquely equipped you to provide. God has invested so much of Himself in you and just like Jesus, He has sent you into a lost and dying world. A world of people who are overlooked, discounted and feeling powerless. Rejoice in the God of your salvation who created you in His image to be blessing to those who are in your sphere of influence. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the hands of the living God to captivate this world with who He made you to be so that they too can come to know the Father that you love and the Jesus who gave His life so that they can be free. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Father, I thank you that through your eyes I can see myself as captivating. It is amazing to think that anything I do, or anything that I am, could hold your attention for any length of time. The fact that I am on your mind, that you think of me constantly and enjoy me, are overwhelming. Yet, your Word says, you know how many hairs there are on my head. You know my going out and coming in. Thank you Father. You are altogether lovely. I will continue to walk in your captivating love through obedience to your word. Let the fruit of the Spirit grow in me in ways that will honor and glorify you. I decree an immediate reversal in every area of my life where I have been captivated by the enemy, the world or the flesh. Father, purify me and my ability to be captivating so that I don’t attract anything into my life that the enemy wants to send my way. Let there be divine replacement of all things stolen out of my life by the enemy at the timeI was taken captive through bondage. I crucify the operation of my flesh and consider myself dead to the world. I thank you for the anointing that sets me free and releases me into your divine destiny for my life.

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