Trace It, Face It, Erase It!

After years and years of going to conferences, attending church services and receiving prophecy after prophecy with no or very little breakthrough, there comes a time when one has to either say, "What am I doing wrong?" or just decide that it might be time to give up on seeing your hopes, dreams and prophetic words comes to pass.  The scripture says, "hope deferred makes the heart sick".  There are countless numbers of believers stuck who can only seem to go so far and no farther. We have to be like Hannah who refused to settle for anything less than the promise she knew was hers.  Have you fasted, prayed, given "faith"offerings for your dreams to come to pass with little or no results. 

"Trace it, Face it, Erase it, is a Deliverance, Healing and Wholeness Clinic where we not only examine the root causes of the situations and struggles we have encountered but that we trace them, erase and face them only.  

Let's apply "spiritual forensics" to your life and circumstances with the intelligence and assistance of the Holy Spirit.  


GOAL:  [specific, targeted prayers and strategies to eradicate problems and stubborn situations that prevent us from experiencing God's highest and best for them]


  • Rest: He who has entered into the rest of God has ceased from his own striving

  • Repent: Admit you disobeyed God and rebelled against him because you wanted what you wanted (fear, insecurity)

  • Renounce: Renounce perfection. You can be held back from God's perfect will for your life by putting constraints on yourself that God does not require.  You can't compare yourself to others, etc.  Jesus is the standard.  He is perfection.  He doesn't want you to necessarily be perfect, He wants you to allow Him to perfect all things concerning you.  

  • Receive: Receive the love that the Lord is ready to pour into your heart to heal every wound and neglected

FORENSIC EVIDENCE [There is a legal component to your situation that has to be dealt with]

The adjective forensic describes scientific methods used to investigate crimes. If you're looking for forensic evidence, you're using your scientific know-how to find proof that will help solve crimes.

The adjective forensic comes from the Latin word forensics, meaning “in open court” or “public.” When you describe something as forensic you usually mean that is has to do with finding evidence to solve a crime. It could also mean that it has to do with the courts or legal system. You could have a forensic advantage — meaning an advantage in court — if the forensic team — meaning the investigators — found no forensic evidence of you being involved.


Where are your "pain points" - Tracing it! [Gathering forensic evidence]

  • Why do some people attract the spirit of abuse into their lives. 

  • Why do some people have repeated patterns of failure, poverty, addiction, 

  • Why do some people walk in a spiritual wilderness without ever getting to the promised land.  

  • Why do some people sabotage and derail their lives away from God's highest purpose and plans right at the point that they are experiencing success. 

  • Why do some anointed, powerful women of great destiny get into relationships with the wrong men someone who is unequally yoked, or even worse, a predator over and over again. 

  • Why do women stay in toxic narcissistic relationships and accept them as the norm

  • Why do so many experience cycles of trauma, rejection, abandonment and betrayal

  • Why do women in some families always end up alone 

A HEART CONDITION [Intents and Motives are everything with God]

Everything can be traced back to a heart condition. All of our forensics should start with the heart. Your heart, your family's heart.  If it's a nation, the heart of the nation.  This is where the open doors come from.  It starts in someone's heart.  


Regardless of the situation, circumstance or trouble, the root of the problem can always be rooted in one heart condition or another.  Let's take as an example, divorce. When Jesus was asked about divorce and whether it was lawful, he explained that divorce was never the will of the Father, but He allowed it because men's hearts were hard.  

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