What Aroma Do You Carry?

Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing--over and over poured out. For your lovely name is "Flowing Oil" No wonder the brides-to-be adore you. Song of Solomon 1:3

Here we see by this scripture, which refers to the Bridegroom, or Jesus Christ, says that His presence releases a pleasing fragrance. This fragrance is like when perfume is first sprayed. The fragrance never dissipates, it lingers continually. His name is like oil that just flows. Oil continually poured out means his effect on those who enjoy His presence experience the attributes associated with oil. Today essential oils have become very popular because they have certain properties that can heal, cleanse, rejuvenate, calm,

While reading this passage, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “What aroma are you giving off”. I thought about the previous day, and I have to admit, there were moments in my day that I imagine weren’t smelling too lovely. Just taking the time to truthfully look at my responses to people and certain situations I must say left me saddened because they were so far from the aroma that Christ leaves. I notice the Lord has been dealing with me about my lack of patience with people. It could be in my home or in the grocery store. It’s interesting because I wouldn’t say I was sinning necessarily as people think of sin. But then again, sin is missing the mark and I have to say, I definitely missed the mark. I would say the mark is not just staying away from fornication, lying stealing or adultery. Missing the mark can include not displaying the Fruit of the Spirit or walking in the image of Christ. So I can see that there is room for transformation as I am conformed more and more into the image of Christ daily.

I actually felt so grateful for this scripture as I meditated on it brought me to a reality. The reality is the way we live our lives will impact those around us just like any smell does, whether it is good or bad. I remember going to the Bahamas. One of the people had a room that smelled like something died in it. I had to go into the room because she was the leading minister of the trip. I was horrified. She tried to change the room but she was unable to. I mean the smell was horrible. It could make you just gag and there was no relief, not a whiff of fresh air, nothing. The hotel was booked and she decided to stay. She is a better person than me. That odor stayed in the room for the entirety of our stay which was a week. This is one of those moments where my lack of patience would have been displayed because I would have probably insisted on a refund. But I digress. That odor affected me in the worse way, emotionally and physically. I couldn’t even think straight. My point is odor, aromas, fragrances, whatever we call it have a tremendous impact on that atmosphere.

The Bible refers many times to certain fragrances coming into the nostrils of God. Some times those fragrances that were released were pleasant to Him and sometimes they weren’t. The aroma He smelled let Him know whether the situation or source behind that smell was either pleasing of offensive to Him. Therefore, I would say, we definitely want the Lord to experience a pleasing aroma off of our lives. This understanding leads me to want to repent for every time my life released a fragrance to the Lord which was not pleasing. I believe there are times we walk around with offensive odors spiritually that we are not aware off, just like can happen in the natural. When you get used to a smell, because you are used to it, you don’t even know it is off. It’s like cooking fish in your house. I love fish, but I rarely fry it anymore. First of all for health reasons. But also, because the smell can get in your clothes, your curtains and your furniture. You may not even notice it until you leave your house and return. It’s like people who smoke. It’s in their car, their clothes, their breath. It’s awful if you are not a smoker.

Take some time and think about your life. Are there areas in your life where you believe the Lord is not enjoying the aroma that arises out of your life? What about your family, friends, co-workers and church? Does the fragrance you are releasing contain the benefits described earlier that are attributed to essential oils. Is there healing, ease, comfort, grace, truth, peace, patience and life released into the atmosphere impacting those around you? I am sure there are some pleasant fragrances coming off of our life. It’s those areas that can cause your perfume to stop flowing. Brian Simmons, author or The Passion Translation says, “It’s not about doing, it’s about yielding”. I use The Passion Translation for all of my commentaries on the Song of Solomon. His point is, we don’t need to try to fix ourselves, we just need to yield to the Spirit of God.

What does yielding look like, I will tell you. Yielding to the Spirit of the Lord is like when you are on the phone with someone and a topic comes up and the Lord whispers in your ear, “Back away from the conversation, don’t go here”. Right there in that moment you can obey His voice or you can yield to the temptation to continue the conversation. I believe in keeping short accounts with the Lord so I know that conversation is going to come back to me at some point later in the day and I am going to have to repent for it. I missed my opportunity to release a sweet fragrance to the nostrils of my Lord because I gave into my flesh. But the more we yield to His Holy Spirit, the sweeter we smell. If you are like me, and you want your life to release a pleasant aroma to our Father, Lord and King, say this prayer with me.

Dear Lord,

I thank you so much for the gift of love imparted to us by your Son. He is our Bridegroom and King. I know that you are preparing my heart for that great day when we as a body, being fitly joined together, will join you forever at the marriage supper of the Lamb. In the meantime, do a creative work in my life that causes my presence to release an aroma that is pleasing to you and a blessing to others. May I be a yielded vessel who is quick to obey every whisper of your spirit. Cause my life to emit a sweet aroma not only before you but also before those who I come in contact with on a daily basis. I pray that the fragrance of my sacrifice, which is my worship is a continual delight. May my presence bring healing, love, comfort, joy, truth, grace and peace wherever I go. May I be a suitable ambassador for your kingdom in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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