The Kiss

Updated: Apr 5

“Let him smother me with kisses—his Spirit-kiss divine.”

Song of Solomon 1:2

There is something about a kiss. You can hear someone’s voice. You can say nice words to each other. But kissing itself establishes a closeness that can’t be experienced any other way.

Take the one-week intimacy challenge. Take a week where your greatest focus will be to take time in your busy day to “feel” God. Give him your full attention as you quiet your soul and crucify your flesh. As you meditate on him and hold thoughts of him in your being, you will begin to feel his presence. This is the springboard to having an effective prayer life.  

There are so many voices in the world, but God wants to be more than “a voice” in your life: He wants to be felt, known, and experienced. He wants to be loved and understood. People who don’t give you their attention can never know you. That is the heart cry of every individual: to be loved, known and understood. We are made in His image and, if you can imagine, that is God’s heart cry too. 

The Bible says that the voice of the Lord walked with Adam and Eve in the garden in the cool of day.  This in and of itself is profound. If we are walking close enough to the Lord to hear His voice that is a beautiful thing, and it is necessary. How can we obey Him if we can’t hear Him?  There is a deeper relationship available to us. It is to be so close that you can feel the breath and touch of His lips. There is something about a kiss that allows you to touch the very being of another individual. 

We read in the Bible where God says he spoke to Moses “mouth to mouth”. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a kiss to me. We are talking about spiritual matters and they must be spiritually discerned. This is not a carnal experience. This is talking about the relationship that God wants to have with His people. A relationship that is so close nothing can get in between, like a kiss, in which it can’t be broken unless someone gets in between.. God is saying, let us be so close figuratively that there is nothing that can break the kiss or come between us. 

It sounds easy, but when life comes to bear it is not always so. Disappointments come, heartbreak comes, betrayal comes and every day distractions are surely to come. But in those seasons, we must find grace through the Holy Spirit to come close enough, once again, to feel his kiss. Oh Alleluia!

One of the most deceiving things about becoming active in the church is that one becomes so busy doing things “for” God that they find ourselves far away from Him. All of our time is consumed working. It’s the “Martha-Mary” syndrome that the Bible speaks of. Martha was a worker, but Jesus said, Mary made the better choice to sit at His feet. (the underlined part feels incomplete).

Another trick of the enemy is to fool us into thinking that we have to make our “responsibilities” our highest priority. We think we must be a “good employee”, or, we have to be a “good father or mother.” Those are noble things but if you have no time left to experience the tangibility of God’s presence, you will begin to lose balance and find your life is out of harmony with God. This is where weariness can set in. Weariness is a great tool in the enemy’s arsenal. He loves to wear the saints of God out. When you become weary you can lose your taste for the things of God. You don’t think clearly and you make bad decisions. 

I believe there are times we allow ourselves to become overly busy because “busyness” can numb the feeling of emptiness that results from not taking the time to be in God’s presence. This is why the Bible says there are times we have to return to our “first love”.  

So, if you want to know God, Beloved Believer, and you want Him to know you, come close. Draw close enough to where He can kiss you with His lips. It is the kiss that precedes complete union and oneness with God. That is the ultimate goal. The believer whose soul and spirit come close enough to feel the kiss of God will bear much fruit for the kingdom and be a true overcomer in this life and the next. 


Heavenly Father, please forgive me for letting the busyness of my day hinder my ability to draw near to you. I don’t want anything to come between us. You are my Father and my God. Deliver me from the deception that says I have so much to accomplish that I can’t spend time with you. Draw me into your presence. Captivate my heart. Empower me to give You all of my attention while I worship you with my mind, body and spirit. Quiet the voices within me that are demanding my attention. Soothe my inner being and let me enjoy the refreshing of Your Spirit. You are my everlasting Father, my beloved and Holy Redeemer. May I find rest in your love and in the power of Your sweet embrace and Your Holy Kiss, forever. Amen.


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