Removing the Veil

It is you I long for, with no veil between us! Song of Solomon 1:7b (TPT)

The Shulamite woman here is sensing her desire to go further in her relationship with the Bridegroom King. There can be many veils in a relationship. The veil of secrecy. The veil of fear or shame. There can be a veil of insecurity because you feel you cannot fully trust the person you are in relationship with. The process that takes us in our relationship with the Lord to even deeper levels requires the removal of every veil, or covering that separates us.


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But as for my own vineyard of love, I give it all to you forever, And I will give double honor to those who serve my beloved and have watched over my soul SOS 8:12

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I am now a firm wall of protection for others, guarding them from harm. SOS 8:10 What a contrast, once she needed protection, now she is the protector.

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